Dobee Plaisance: Growing Up a Christian Athlete


Dobee Plaisance has been coaching for the Nicholls women’s basketball program for over 10 seasons. She didn’t start playing basketball until the age of 16 as a junior in high school. Prior to her falling in love with basketball, she was raised to love God and help those around her. Dobee is an incredible mentor who believes in staying humble. This is a story of growing up a Christian athlete.

Family Taught Values

Dobee was born into a family with strong Christian faith. She and her siblings were raised to live by the “golden rule: God, family, and education”, which she still lives by today. Her parents felt that God always had to come first in their lives. Your family is what God blessed you with so you should cherish it. Lastly, your education is something you can carry with you forever.

“Coach Dobee will love and motivate you like she’s your mother. She taught me nothing is guaranteed in life and God is before everything,” said Tia Charles

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Staying True to the “Golden Rule”

As instilled in her at a young age, Dobee was put to the test once she went to college. Once at college, she still went to church regularly to continue growing her relationship with God. She didn’t care what everyone else was doing, she stayed true to her religious values outgrowing friends because of moral differences. Separating herself from those who had other ideas about what fun looked like. Dobee wasn’t afraid to express her faith even when her friends thought otherwise.

God’s Calling

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Dobee first went to college to become a nurse, while there she was blessed with many scholarship offers. Her plan quickly changed once she saw God had other plans for her life. Dobee had offers to play pro basketball, but her father denied the offers because she hadn’t received her degree yet. She was then drawn to the hype of coaching. As a coach, she has broken several basketball records at Nicholls and has used this opportunity to motivate young athletes while preaching healthy habitats to her players. Sometimes God makes it to where we have to choose to either follow the crowd or follow God’s calling.

“Dobee gave me the chance to further my education while playing basketball. She also made more sacrifices than most people know for me to get my masters while coaching,” said Jenny Nash

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