What’s a Holiday Break?


No Holiday Break for Basketball Athletes

The winter and holiday break is approaching and everyone is excited the semester is almost over. Most college students have the luxury of saying they’re looking forward to the winter break. It must be nice to have something to look forward to after long nights of studying and staying up until 2 a.m. finishing a 10-page final essay.

Unfortunately, for me, there’s no such thing as a winter break. As a basketball athlete, I just receive the pleasure of not having school work. This is actually the busiest time for me during the holiday because basketball season is just getting underway. For me, winter break only means another month of vigorous exercising and games. I literally spend most of my winter break eating, sleeping and dreaming about basketball. While traditional students may be stuffing their faces with holiday goodies and attending Christmas party potlucks with their families.

I have the luxury of staying on a ghost town campus and growing tired of the same restaurants we eat at as a team. Tough as it may be, it’s the lifestyle I have chosen. To be honest it sucks and I’ll much rather be at home in Dallas with my family. But instead, I grow close relationships with my teammates. Sometimes I wish I had a normal Christmas. Since I’ve been in college I find myself losing the holiday joy more and more. I barely do anything during the winter break outside of basketball. I spend my free time counting down the day until I can go home. It has gotten to the point where I barely want to hang with my teammates. It’s sad, yes I know.

It’s just not the same anymore. I guess what used to be tradition has gone out the window. I feel like the Grinch sometimes. I think because basketball does keep me so busy around this time. I feel like I have lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas, and remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Finding Christmas Joy

Through the chaos and emotions this year I tried to find a way to make my winter break more enjoyable. Watch the video below to see some essential I’ve done to get myself into the holiday spirit.

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Winter Break Expectation vs Reality

Watch the video to see what really goes on during a basketball athlete’s winter break.