Natural Hair

My Favorite 2017 Natural Hair Products

befunky-collage.jpg1.Hawian Silk ($4.95)

This product Cools and soothes my scalp while helping heal abrasions. It also helps reduce itching and dandruff. It keeps my hair soft throughout the day.

2.  Eco Styling Gel ($3.99)

I used Eco styling gel to tame my natural frizz and gives my curls that extra hold. I chose this holding gel because it doesn’t flake up and leave white residue when I mix it with my other products.

3.Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner ($4.99)

This is my go-to everyday product. I use Cantu as my daily moisture and it helps reduce breakage. Cantu also encourages shine, elasticity, and hair growth

4.Africa’s Best Herbal Oil ($2.50)

I love using this particular oil because it doesn’t drip excessively from my hair. Ruining my pillow sheets or clothing. Africa’s Best also uses different varieties of natural oils that help with hydration and maintenance.

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