The Journey to Recovery

I’ve been involved in sports since as long as I can remember. Like most athletes, I’ve busted my butt to become a force to be reckoned with in competitions. Sports ultimately became my life. After several hard exhausting summer workouts,  I was ready to dominate on the court. Then the unthinkable happens!

During my senior year of collegiate level competition, I had torn my ACL and meniscus during practice. Which meant I had to redshirt and sit out a season. Once I had received the confirmation from the doctors I was devastated. Overwhelmed with the news I didn’t cry in the doctor’s office, but I was bawling when I got to my dorm room and called my parents.

My dad being involved in sports all his life as well gave me some words of encouragement. My parents made an unexpected eight-hour trip to be with me on the day of my surgery. Once the surgery was over I was on bed rest for about two days. Now, the hard work begins.

I had to attend immediate rehab and therapy. The doctor mandated that I rehabbed at least three times a week to speed up my recovery time. During the first two months out from surgery, I was prohibited to apply weight to my leg. So, I had to crutch my way around. Now, that’s an experience that I wish on no one.

FullSizeRender (1)During this time I started to become anxious with my progress and in life. Always ready to move on the next exercise or progress level. I was anxious just to start back walking and running again. Once the summer time came I was still going to rehab and finally started back with basketball workouts. I was starting to see progress more and more each week. By the end of the summer, I was feeling good and thought I was ready to hop back on the court. My dreams were crushed as soon as I returned by to campus.

My doctor informed me that my knee was nowhere where it needed to be strength wise. He requested I that I keep working to strengthen my quads before he could give me the ok to play again. A month later I had to take a knee test that determines whether I was strong enough. Sadly, I failed this test twice. Now I was really started to lose hope and became frustrated. The estimated time frame for a torn ACL is about 8 months. I was going on a full year and season was approaching fast.

I made several goals for myself during the time until the next knee test to only focus strengthening my left leg. After another month and only a week and a couple days out from our first game. I had the chance to retake the knee test. Thirds times a charm. I finally passed and was announced cleared to play by the doctor later that day.  

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