College Athlete

Finding Balance Between School and Sports

Many college athletes struggle with transitioning from high school to college. While there are many rewarding opportunities associated with being a student-athlete, many struggles in finding a balance between academics and athletics.  But with the right attitude and planning, student-athletes can successfully excel in both academics and athletics. Below is a typical full day schedule for me:

Full Day Athlete Schedule

8 a.m. -11:40 a.m. Classes

12 p.m. -2:30 p.m. Practice

3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. Weights

6 p.m. -8 p.m. Study Hall

This is just a typical athlete schedule. Sometimes it’s worse than this and I barely have time to eat. Here are a few tips of how I find a balance between school and sports.

Get organized

Calendars are my best friend for both school and sports. I write down all due dates for schoolwork, projects, and papers. I also write down sports practices and games. I revisit my calendar daily to help me know how to plan my week.

Planning my week

I use my calendar as a guide to how and what I have time to due. After I‘ve looked over what’s due that particular week. I then plan how I will study and when I will have time to study.

Use your weekends wisely

I love the weekend, this is the time I catch up on my sleep and prepare myself for the upcoming week. I usually start/finish homework for the upcoming week. I try to read chapters and take notes ahead of time.

Use your travel time wisely

This is the best time because you’re literally on a bus for 5 hours plus with nothing else better to do. I tend to use the times we travel for games or practices to get in extra studying. I use the buses wifi to my advantage and compete as many assignments I can.

Take advantage of school resources

Most universities provide resources to student-athletes such as tutors. I used this faithfully during my freshman year. I take advantage of these free resources even when I didn’t need help.

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