Natural Hair

Unique Natural Hair Hacks!!

Being a college student I’ve been on a journey looking for cheaper ways to care for my natural hair. I feel like the older I get the more I’m in a rush or always busy with school. I’m always searching for hair and life hacks, anything to make my life more manageable. Let’s be honest Natural hair products and equipment are ridiculously overpriced. I have a few natural hair hacks that I have adding into my hair care regimen.

Here are 6 natural hair hacks that I live by:

1. Shower Cap or Grocery Bag for Conditioning Caps

Deep conditions are essential for natural hair. Instead of an expensive store-bought steaming cap, I personally love using inexpensive shower caps. I buy these at the dollar tree 5-pack for $1. No time to run to the store as an alternative I use a grocery bag without holes (Free).

2.T-Shirt Instead of Towels to Dry Hair

This technique works for all natural hair types and textures. It’s especially great since I tend to have frizzy curly hair. I don’t use towels anymore and have seen improvement. Towels have grooves that cause fraction and unnecessary breakage. Cotton t-shirts have a flatter surface that won’t agitate your hair. T-shirts tend to leave my hair silky and smooth.

3.Amp up My Deep Conditioners

I try to always add a little more love to my deep conditioners. I add ingredients that can be found in my kitchen. Ingredients such as Eggs and mayo for proteins, Extra virgin olive oil for shine, banana and honey for moisture just to name a few.

4.Cold Water Rinse

I seal my hair after every wash day. The cold water shocks my hair cuticles shut and help to seal in moisture. This helps keep my hair smooth, shiny and hydrated which is important because I workout a lot.

5.Shower Mirror

I have used a shower mirror for a year now and I’m in love. They sell these at Walmart for maybe $5 or less. The mirror actually has suctioned that stick to the tiles in your shower. Making it easier for me to see what I’m doing when washing my hair to help reduce breakage.

6.Old Tube Socks

This is great when I deep condition my hair overnight. The soaks act as a shield catching or absorbing any oil, water, or product from leaking onto the pillow or my neck.


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