Transitioning From College to the Real World!!!

OMG!! Lately, I have been wondering what’s next in my life after college. College graduation is approaching faster than I have time to prepare for!!! This May I will be faced with tons of anxiety and stress. As finals and making life-changing decisions draw closer. There’s so much pressure on me as I  transition from college into the real world. “You’re smart, I’m sure you’ll find a job,” people say. I’m terrified because I don’t know what to expect and honestly I’m just not mentally prepared to “adult” yet.

I have been torn between whether I should continue playing basketball overseas or start working right away. I have tried to be proactive in making my decision. Creating LinkedIn accounts, beefing up my resume, and searching on job websites like Indeed and CareerBuilder. I have connections and networks to help me go overseas right after college. On the other hand, trying to find an entry-level sports marketing job is ridiculous. Most of the jobs that interest me ask for two-years or more experience, which I don’t have. Since I was highly involved in sports I didn’t have time to take on an internship like I wanted to. I thought about applying for graduate internships or entry-level jobs to get me started.

It’s the thought of an instant switch from assignments and homework to executive decision making. I think the hardest transition for me will be adapting to the work environment and producing quality work for the company I work for. I guess I have to just be thrown into the ring of fire and learn how to survive. I feel all will fall into place after I get my foot in the door.

I’m then faced with financial and living decisions like other recent graduates. Prayerfully I can land a good job that’s not too far from my parent’s house. I plan on working awhile and saving my money. The benefits of staying home a couple more years and not rushing to find an apartment. Once I’ve saved enough to have a financial nest then I’ll search for my own place.

This transition is by far the hardest ever. These next few months are what’s left to living the life I’ve always dreamed of. People always say life after college is the best. It’s the time in your life where you make mistakes, travel the world, and do things will regret. All I can say is that I’m ready to see what God has planned for me in the future.  


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