Appropriate Christian Date Night Ideas

IMG_20571The ultimate goal of dating someone is to see if your compatible with that person. Determining whether or not the two of you should consider marriage (God’s main purpose of dating). In today’s society dating is getting harder and less of. Now of the days people are just leaking up without any intent of marriage. There’s fewer people with the same Christian morals beliefs on dating than I have. Christian dating has almost gone to the waste side, because it is associated with NOT being a social norm. Finding great Christian dating ideas shouldn’t be dreadful.

Proverbs 18:22(NKJV) 22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.

Most Christians think dating is hard because you want to be in the loop with what your friends are doing. I encourage you that dating modern with Christian values is still possible. I can date just like the modern couples do, but I just have set restrictions and boundaries. Netflix and chill isn’t completely out question. My boyfriend and I watch movies and Netflix all the time without any fornication. We both have set boundaries/rules for each other and renamed it “Movie night”. Here are a list of 15 great Christian date night ideas we have done or plan to do.

  1. Church
  2. Explore NEW Restaurants
  3. Manicure and Pedicure (Spa day)
  4. Concerts/Sporting Events
  5. Wine Tasting (Over 21)
  6. Skydiving/Canoeing
  7. Go “House Decor Shopping”
  8. Aquariums/ Museums
  9. Exercise Together
  10. Outdoors Events
  11. Mini Vacations with each other Families
  12. Dinner for Two at Home
  13. Ice Skating
  14. Water Parks
  15. Rooftop Dinners


When searching for date night ideas chose something that interest you both. To avoid any possible fornication try to find public places to visit. Dating like a modern couple isn’t existence for the Christian couple. You and your partner just have to know and abide by the boundaries and limitations set for your relationship. Date night can be just finding things that keeps the relationship interesting. I don’t think the actually dating is the hardest part of being a Christian in a relationship. I think the hardest part is finding someone of the same beliefs (equally yolked) and someone that loves you enough and welling to make those life changing decisions is.

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