College Athlete

Confessions of Being a College Athlete

“Oh you don’t have to pay for school you have a full athletic scholarship, ” they said. People who say this definitely have a different idea of this concept. I was blessed to have received a full  Division I basketball scholarship. Technically, there are no such things as a “full scholarship” anymore. NCAA now has a rule the scholarships are granted yearly now, not guaranteeing you’ll be covered for all four years. Some full scholarships only cover certain school expenses, because some students have to still pay for either their books and/or housing expenses.

As a college athlete myself, I have paid my institutions maybe more than $3,000  since my freshman year for housing alone. Thankfully everything else has been covered by my scholarship. College athletes definitely have less freedom than regular students on campus. Especially when the season comes around and your life just starts falling apart before your eyes. As an athlete you’re still expected to go to class, practice/games, travel, and maintain a 2.0 GPA to stay eligible.

This is definitely harder than it sounds with the crazy sports schedule (talk about stressful). It also doesn’t help that you feel tired all the time. Practicing approximately 3 hours a day, 6 a.m. weights/conditioning, and classes there’s not enough time to get proper rest. That being said rest is essential to an athlete it helps us rejuvenate our bodies. Being an athlete we’re constantly sore and have to take ice baths at 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit).

We always get dirty looks towards us if we’re seen struggling up a flight of stairs. Dealing with the comment of “You’re an athlete I thought you supposed to be in shape”! No, we just had leg day thank you. Many student-athletes can attest to the fact that we’re constantly hungry. My appetite definitely picks up during the season and I’m constantly snacking like there’s no tomorrow.

Many athletes are on meal plans, but the on-campus cafe really doesn’t accommodate for most athletes. We have to replenish what we’ve lost and we lose a lot of sweat. I literally carry perfume and deodorant with me everywhere, because almost all my athletic wear reeks. I do laundry at least 3-4 times a week.  What’s a social life? Athletes barely have a social life, because during the season you’re constantly with your team traveling. There are a limited amount of times you can actually go out for the night, but then we’re too exhausted from the week. Can you believe that’s only half the life of being a college athlete?  

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