Natural Hair

Love Your Natural Hair!!

I have been natural since 2012, and have self taught myself how to properly care for my 3c hair. My natural hair requires a ton of attention, because it tends to dry out and become matted. Here are seven tips I use to retain length and prevent damage.(Number seven is most important!!)

1.Deep condition once every two weeks

I deep condition once every two weeks depending on the state of my hair. I usually use a plastic shower cap and a satin scarf to lock heat or maximum penetration. Deep conditioning helps prevents breakage and promote elasticity.

2. Daily Moisture

I found daily moisture prevents my ends from splitting. Water is my best friend. I spray my hair lightly everyday in the morning and before bed. I use Cantu Shea Butter as my leave in conditioner. I prefer to use Doo Gro oil as my sealant to lock in my moisture. I always seal my hair after every wash and before styling.

3.Comb your hair properly

I tend to comb my hair maybe twice a week. Your combing technique is essential in reducing breakage. I comb my hair from ends to roots or from bottom up. My detangling  tools are either a wide tooth comb or my denman brush. As an alternative I also just use my fingers as my detangling tool.

4.Protein treatment once a month.

I make my own protein treatments at home. Using ingredients from my kitchen: honey, mayo and eggs. Protein treatments gives your hair the vitamin, strength, and shine it’s lacking.

5.Scalp massages

For fast naturally growing hair I scalp massage my hair three times a week. I have invented in an electric scalp massager. They are sold at almost any retail store. Scalp massaging helps to circulate your blood, which stimulates hair growth.

6.Satin scarfs

Sleeping in a satin scarf, bonnet or on a satin pillowcase prevents your hair’s moisture from being robbed and causing the hair to dry out.

7.Protective styling

My favorite protective style is the lazy day hair bun. Its quick, simple and helps me manage my hair during basketball season better. Twist outs are good for athletes too. Protective styles helps to reduce the stress on your hair from daily maintenance. The less stressed my hair is the faster it grows, the less breakage and hair loss I have.


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